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Our suppliers!

So.. I know I've been slack on updating our little blog but things have been kind of crazy!

One topic I've been wanting to write about for awhile now is something we touched on in our "About us" section. At Krash & Co we love using local suppliers. When I say this I mean that approximately 90% of our ingredients and the few pre made items we sell come from small local businesses that we have come to know and LOVE.

There is a lot of talk in the community at the moment about how to reinvigorate the town centre and the things that Sunbury is missing. But I wanted to take a beat to appreciate some of the amazing businesses that we already have, so I thought I would do a list of sorts of our suppliers and some photos of the amazing products we use from them.

I hope that this might encourage people to not only shop local where possible, but to engage with the faces behind these businesses.

Cheers Nic!

P.s I don't want to take too much of your time so expect a part two with more of our amazing suppliers down the track!

Summer fruits from Sunbury fruit market

How amazing does this fruit look!

Our fresh produce & free range eggs come from Angus & Aileen at the Sunbury Fruit Market and they never disappoint!

Their website is under construction but if you don't already you should check them out on Facebook and Instagram @sunburyfruitmarket

The Millet Road Maker is absolutely fantastic!

We were completely shocked when we were searching for suppliers & found that there was a bakery in Gisborne south, just down the road from my mum and dad!

Simon & Sarah's sourdough scrolls are delivered fresh to us every Friday but their other delicious goodies (including some of the best bread you will ever eat) are available over at the Sunbury fruit market.

Check them out or on Facebook and Instagram @milletroadmaker

I have spoken about this business before but seriously people if you haven't already realised this girl is a superstar!!

We got to know Anna from @thewilderpeople through our lovely employee Marion. To say we hit the jackpot is a massive understatement.

Anna's plant based cakes, slices & donuts are out of this world, and her Instagram posts are the source of lots of giggles for me!

Head over and check her out @_thewilderpeople or

If you love our soft-shell crab burger then you need to go and see Seafood on Evans.

Their fresh seafood is not only amazing but they also offer gluten free options, whether it is for Friday night takeaway or for some seafood to cook at home these guys are fantastic!

They are also on Facebook!

Williamson's Foodworks is a great supplier of ours also, not only are they extremely helpful when Ash is looking for a random ingredient, they have a massive range of vegan & Gluten free ingredients already in stock.

And we love knowing that giving back to the community is important to them too!

Follow them on Facebook @williamsonsfoodworks

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