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Our new menu!

So we have finally done it! - Updated our menu that is...

We promised you all a while a go we would get this done, and it may have taken longer than expected but we got there... Phew!

While there are still plenty of our usual suspects on there, quite a few have changed up or been given a makeover. Our soft shell crab burger for instance now comes with a green papaya, carrot & cabbage slaw as well as a kimchi mayo (I promise you if you liked this one before you will love it now....YUM!!!)

Some of the highlights for us are - Our chia porridge which now has ginger spiced plums & toasted coconut, we have added a Buddha bowl to the menu (which has vegetarian, vegan & meat options!) the pulled pork burger & the breakfast bruschetta specials have also become permanent fixtures!

Finally, because we didn't want to leave out our little customers we have added some cute bagel pizzas to the kids menu!

Make sure you call in and check out all of the updates and as always we really appreciate your support and can't wait to hear all of your feedback!

Cheers Ash & Nic!

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