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About Krash

Krash and Co was the brain child of local chef Ashley 

Owning a cafe had been Ash's dream since becoming and apprentice chef at 15 years old. After 10 years working locally, in May 2016 he was lucky enough to find the perfect Sunbury venue. Close to the train station and Sunbury CBD he convinced Nicole (his wife), that now was the time.

Something that Ashley was passionate about from the beginning was working with the local community as possible, and over the last 5 years Krash has done exactly that. 

In more recent times Krash has made a big move to a new shop on the corner of Evans and Brook streets in Sunbury!

The corner shop will surely provide a beautiful dining experience for new and old customers alike while still servicing the train catching regulars

With the expanding site comes a expanded team, Krash has been lucky enough to have local legend Nazmin Hossain come on board to help drive the new era of Krash & Co 

Krash has been lucky to grow to include an amazing team of individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes and in our beautiful cafe serving our customers everyday. This team is dedicated to growing Krash further and being apart of our community for many years to come.

Image right: Management meeting with Nazmin & Ashley keeping Krash & Co on track

krash exterior-153.jpg

Krash & Co, the name...

A common question for Ash is where did the name Krash & Co come from. Krash was Ashley's childhood nickname, so when the time came to name is dream the couple thought it was only fitting. 

The future 

We hope to continue working with businesses through our pop up shop and to continue serving delicious food to the town we love, with 

a team that is dedicated to building a bigger and brighter future

roasting warehouse coffee beans.jpg
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