About Krash

Krash and Co is owned by Sunbury residents Ashley & Nicole

Owning a cafe had been Ashley's dream since becoming and apprentice chef at 15 years old. After 10 years working locally, in May 2016 he was lucky enough to find the perfect Sunbury venue. Close to the train station and Sunbury CBD he convinced Nicole (his wife) that now was the time.

Something that Ashley was passionate about from the beginning was using as many local suppliers as they possibly could. The couple says that this has been by far their best decision to date; Krash & Co's coffee is roasted in Sunbury by Norm at Just Planet, their fruit and vegetables come from the Sunbury Fruit & Vegetable market, the seafood is from Seafood on Evans and the meat from Kents Quality Meats.


This enables Krash & Co to enjoy quality fresh ingredients and support other local businesses who have helped them incredibly.  

While Krash & Co is still growing the couple say the family and community support that they have received has been absolutely overwhelming. This combined with the commitment of their staff has helped them realise their dream.

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Krash & Co, the name...

A common question for Ashley & Nicole is where did the name Krash & Co come from. Krash was Ashley's childhood nickname, so when the time came to name is dream the couple thought it was only fitting. 

The future 

After 4 and 1/2 years Krash has grown so much but we have many many plans for the future so keep and eye on what we do in the next 12 months, I guarantee you won't want to miss what happens next! 

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